(Status 1.11.2022)

1. scope of application
The language school accént offers language courses for private and corporate customers. The following terms and conditions apply to the conclusion of and participation in language courses conducted by accént language school.

2 Registration and Conclusion of the Contract
2.1 The contract shall be concluded by means of registration in the online form provided for this purpose, registration documents available at the school, verbally, by telephone or by e-mail. However, the contract is not legally binding until it is confirmed by us or the course/training begins.
2.2 The registration obligates to pay the full course fee before the course starts.
2.3 The language school is free to accept registrations even after the course has started. In this case, a corresponding reduction of the course fee can be made depending on the situation. However, there is no general right to a reduction.

3. payment conditions
3.1 Payments can be made in cash or by card on site or by bank transfer to an account of the language school accént.
3.2 Payment must be made within one week after registration. If, after this deadline, no payment is proven to have been made or a separate payment date has been agreed upon, the participant loses his/her right to participate in the course.
3.3 Transaction costs incurred during payment must be borne in full by the payment provider.
3.4 The course fees incurred are exclusive of textbooks and workbooks.
3.5 A course confirmation will only be issued after the full course fee has been paid.

4. organization of the language courses
4.1 One lesson (from now on called "UE") is 45min.
4.2 The minimum number of participants in our group courses is 3 persons. If the number of participants falls below the minimum number, the language school accént can cancel the course. Should this occur, the course fee will be refunded in full. Alternatively, a reduction of the number of daily lessons or an increase of the course fee can be agreed upon.
4.3 In case of a reduced number of participants of 3 to 4 persons, the number of lessons per course day will be reduced. This applies to
➢ Intensive courses: 3UE instead of 4UE
➢ Evening courses: 2UE instead of 3UE
The course fee will not be reduced.
4.4 In case of closure of the premises imposed by the authorities or necessary for the safety of the participants, the classes can be held online.
4.5 The accént language school employs teachers who speak the language taught as a native language or at a native-speaker level. There is no entitlement to lessons with a particular teacher. We are entitled to change the teachers.
4.6 We are entitled to reschedule the beginning and end of the course if necessary. Furthermore, we are entitled to reschedule the course times if necessary. If uncoordinated changes of the above kind result in the customer not being able to participate in individual training sessions or the entire course, the customer shall be entitled to substitute training (in the case of group training: only on the condition that corresponding further courses take place) or (if not only a single date cannot be attended) an extraordinary right of termination or a claim for pro rata reimbursement of the course fee, at the customer's discretion. These rights do not apply if the customer has agreed to the changes. They are also forfeited if the customer does not point out the difficulties that arise within one week of being informed of the changed training times.
4.7.In the case of individual training, the customer may, in particularly justified individual cases, cancel the appointments agreed with him no later than 24 hours on the working day before. In case of a course appointment on a Monday, the cancellation must be made by Friday 1 pm at the latest. If the course is scheduled after a public holiday, it must be cancelled no later than 1 p.m. on the day before the holiday. In this case, an alternative date will be arranged. Agreed times that are canceled after this time or are not taken without cancellation will be charged without exceptions.

5. contract withdrawal, cancellation, rebooking
5.1 Withdrawal from a course must be made in writing.
5.2 The contract is concluded for a fixed performance period. Therefore, an ordinary cancellation is excluded. A termination without notice due to a special position of trust according to § 627 BGB does not exist. Any right to extraordinary termination for other reasons shall remain unaffected.
5.3 In case of simultaneous booking of a replacement date, the cancellation fee is waived.
5.4 In the event of late cancellation or non-attendance at the booked course, there is no entitlement to a refund of payments already made.
5.5 In case of cancellation of the course by accént, no cancellation fees will be charged.

6 Applicable law
German law applies.